My Homepage About Me

My favorite thing in this world is a good conversation.  I believe strongly that people are creations of the environment around them.  This includes the beings and art that individuals interact with within it. I love spending time with my friends and enjoying media, including video games, music, and all kinds of cinema.  This semester I have been on a particular path of self improvement,working to get healthier physically while becoming more social.  I hope to use this class as a means of self expression and release.


I have been to several concerts, the vast majority of them being rap concerts.  The most memorable of those shows would have to be Kanye West’s, who made use of large scale props and theater elements to put on an extremely memorable performance.  In addition to Kanye West I have also seen Yelawolf, Joey Badass, Lupe Fiasco, Atmosphere, and Tyler the Creator put on rap performances.  Outside of rap I went to a “hardcore” rock concert of a band named “Palisades” with a friend, which was fun despite the music not being to my taste.  My favorite musicians in general would include John Mayer, Radiohead, Travis, Elliott Smith, Eminem, Lupe Fiasco, Biggie Smalls, and Yelawolf to name a few.


A wise old man in a bar once told me “We are not humans beings, we are human becomings.”.  Art shapes how we perceive ourselves and the world itself and can provide meaningful insights into out personal human experiences.  It can also simply be fun and stimulate the auditory senses in enjoyable ways, providing an artistic alternative to silence.  To see a true performance like I did when I saw Kanye West can be a life changing moment which will forever fill you with nostalgia and memories years after the last encore ends.  To hear a recording is one thing, but words spoken in person feel more profound.